Vision Boards for Business Goals

Many people have vision boards for their life goals, but they can be powerful tools in your business as well. A vision board (also called a treasure map) is a visual representation of your goals and dreams. They are helpful because often we think visually and "seeing" what you want to accomplish every day is a great reinforcement and affirmation of your goals.

Many successful people tell of how they set a goal and used some sort of "seeing" tool or technique to help them get there. One of my favorite is the story of Jim Carey who, as a broke and struggling young actor, wrote himself a check for ten million dollars for "services rendered". He kept that check in his wallet and looked at it often to remind him of his goal. Of course, he could cash that check several times now! Jim's check was indeed a "vision board" of sorts. It was a visual representation of his dream and "seeing it" helped him believe it and achieve it.

To learn exactly what you'll need and how to make your own, read Creating a Vision Board for Your Business

No matter what your business goals and dreams are, a vision board can help you clarify what you really want. The process of creating one helps you to "see" what your success will look like and you might find that what you really want changes as you build the board.

When visioning your success, it's okay to dream as big as you can dream! And, it's also okay to shoot for just a little over your comfort zone. It's up to you!

As you get closer to your goals, revise your board to include new milestones, too. Never stop dreaming!

If you have already started your business, you have already made at least one (and probably more) of your own dreams come true. Build on that success and go for the gold!

Recommended Books on vision boards:

The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz.

The Complete Vision Board Kit: Using the Power of Intention and Visualization to Achieve Your Dreams by John Assaraf

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