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Smart Marketing Works is owned by Deborah Crawford in Memphis, TN. We help businesses learn to market effectively and affordably by providing coaching, consulting and training services as well as free content on this website.

Our mission is to help small business owners grow their businesses and realize their dreams by providing creative marketing solutions through information, consulting services, one-to-one coaching, and training.

About Deborah Crawford

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Deborah Crawford is a marketing specialist, with over 15 years experience in marketing and sales. She has helped many small business owners, freelancers, and even larger businesses to focus their marketing and sales efforts and increase their revenues.

Deborah worked for over 12 years in the hotel business, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the award-winning Mid-South Chapter of Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association, International.

Crawford has been quoted in many publications, include The Washington Post. She speaks to orgainizations on topics ranging from customer service to social media marketing.

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Deborah is also a columnist and editor for Small Office Home Office at Bellaonline.com, where she writes weekly columns to help small and home business owners and those who want to open their own small or home-based business. For more info, visit Small Office/Home Office at BellaOnline.com And, you can become a fan of the SOHO Page on Facebook to network with other small and home business owners (even if you're just thinking about starting your own business!) SOHO Page on Facebook

Deborah also has several lenses at Squidoo, ranging from pages on serial killers to fragrance free skincare to how to create your dream life.

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