Three Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself Today

Do you need to motivate yourself for success? Are you having a hard time getting things done? Are you making no steps toward achieving your goals and dreams?

Here are three easy things that will help you get there, one day at a time, starting today. Ready for a little motivation?

1—Review your Goals first thing in the morning. It is so easy to lose sight of where you want to go. You might have a Great Big Dream or perhaps you just want to get a promotion at work. Maybe you have an elaborate detailed action plan or perhaps only a general idea. Most people do know what they want, and some know exactly how to get it. But, many people get so bogged down in the day-to-day business of life that they don’t have time, energy or inclination to “go for it”. The biggest obstacle in achieving goals & dreams is often just choosing what you want, clearly defining it, and reminding yourself! Don’t let the day-to-day details keep you from seeing the big picture. Focusing on your dream every day is one great way to motivate yourself.

2—Decide one, just one action you could take toward your goal. Yes, just one will get you going. Motivation often follows action, so just doing something, anything at all, is fuel for your fire. Perhaps you have flow charts or to-do lists already completed—just pick whatever is your next action step and make some progress, no matter how small. If you are having a very busy day, pick a small thing, like checking on pricing for business cards. If you have more time, design the cards. If you have a really busy day and you see no time, take 10 minutes and plan time for the rest of the week for working on your goals—this will count as your one action, because making time for your dreams is essential, and sometimes it can be a real challenge. The important thing here is to accomplish something today which is leading you toward success. That will motivate you to do more tomorrow.

3—Reward yourself. It’s a good idea to have a list of mini-rewards for those days when you can only spend five minutes toward your goal, as well as progressively better rewards. Of course the best reward of all will be achieving your dream, but to spur you along while you are on the journey, have some small rewards when you make progress, and even when you put forth a good effort toward progress. Rewards can be as simple as allowing yourself to soak in a bubble bath instead of your usual quick shower. Some great ideas for mini rewards: a phone call to your best “cheerleader” who always makes you feel like you can conquer anything; ten extra minutes stretching after your workout; dessert; a manicure; a cuddle on the sofa with your sweetie; a new houseplant. You get the idea—little pleasures that make it all worthwhile, don’t cost a fortune and make you smile. We all have small joys that motivate us--list yours so you can pick one everytime you have earned it.

Now, don’t you want to get started? Good luck & Happy Dreams!

P.S. Repeat Daily, or whenever you need a boost to motivate you!

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