Jessica Simpson Knows Business!

Jessica Simpson has built a career out of being a ditzy, albeit gorgeous blonde. Remember the tuna/chicken debacle? It put her on the map! She got a commercial deal from it and more publicity than she could have bought.

In addition to her music and reality show, she’s reprised the role and short-shorts of Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard movie now playing everywhere. And, Jessica has three businesses—a cosmetics line, a fashion line, and a plus-size jeans line.

Entertainers are small business owners until they reach the big-time and their small business becomes big business. And today, these celebrities are some of our most successful businesses—Oprah and J Lo to name two off the top of the list.

Some of these celebrities focus on one talent and make their money being excellent at what they do (Julia Roberts), and some diversify and expand their “products and services”. Oprah has a TV show, magazine, movies, production company, and the ability to confer success on anything she breathes on! Jennifer Lopez has music, movies, modeling, perfume and fashion. And, I saw Julia in a music video just the other day!

Jessica Simpson is also diversifying and expanding her business. What accounts for her success at such a young age (she’s 25 now) and only six years after she first hit the Top 40?

1—Jessica can spot a trend! Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica was one of the first shows of its kind, and just when “real-life” portrayals of women in the media and advertising gets “hot”, she’s already there with a plus-size line of jeans.

2—Jessica publicizes! Newlyweds was an on-going advertisement for every project she was involved in and she talks to the media. Since the tuna/chicken thing, everyone wants to know what goofy statement she’ll make next, and she keeps them coming.

3—She has a support team—her family and friends are involved in and part of her business. They’re all right there encouraging her and taking care of her.

4—She works hard for the money! She doesn’t rest on her success. Jessica’s third album will be released in November, just in time for Christmas and just in time to put her back in the spotlight as Dukes dies down. Overexposed? Maybe, but what business wouldn’t want a constant presence in the media?

5—She sticks with what works. Although she’s adding new ventures to her portfolio, she still focuses on her strengths—her looks, her talent, her celebrity, and yes, even her “ditzy” reputation. She knows her “brand” and its potential.

These are all sound practices for success that you can use to grow your small business. Capitalize on trends when they’re hot, promote your business, make sure you have a support system, work hard and keep doing what works. You probably won’t be the next Jessica Simpson, but you just might make more money!

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