Free Content for your Websites or Newsletters

Do you need free content for your websites or newsletters? I like to write and do write all my own articles, but many people just hate to write. Content is so important to getting visitors to your website, and writers will allow you to use their articles for free if you will give them credit.

***It's important not to violate copyright laws, so make sure you have permission before you use someone else's content.
For example, suppose you wanted to put one of my articles on your site because your customers would like the information. You can contact me via email for permission, and I do share many of my articles, but I would want you to give me credit by listing my name and website below the article. Simple enough, right?
Well, suppose you just don’t have time to visit hundreds of websites and email hundreds of authors to obtain content? I recently discovered a site which makes it so easy. Ideamarketers has thousands of articles on everything from web programming to feeding your family! All written by people who like to write and are willing to let you use their words just for their byline.
You can put this free content on your website, in newsletters, in emails, and so on. Again, you have to have permission!

Looking for Fresh, Informative Content?
What's the number one thing that keeps people coming back to your Web site until they buy? Content! Click here to find 1,000's of articles on dozens of topics that you can use on your Web site, newsletter or ezine.

Free Sticky has tons of free stuff -- cartoons, games, horoscopes. maps, weather, tips & hints, quotes, software and much more. Here's an example - a Daily Tip from Cheapskate Monthly. Just of one of the many things you can find at Free Sticky:

Money/Time Saving Tip Of The Week -

SBI offers a great ebook on writing content for websites. It's easy to read, and it presents a very easy way to learn how to write your own content (even if you think you can't write!)

Give it a try for yourself--writing is a valuable skill you need for marketing your business, and this ebook makes it painless.

You may want to read more about their main product SBI!. Read reviews about it online, and you'll see the glowing reviews. The only negative things you may read deal with the Solo Build It scam which was a ploy by competitors. Trust me, it's the real deal!

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