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Smart Marketing Works, Issue #001 -- Market Smarter, not Harder!
February 10, 2005

Welcome to the first issue of Smart Marketing Works ezine! Thank you for subscribing, and please forward this newsletter ot anyone you know who might be interested in creative marketing solutions for their business.


* Seven Marketing Strategies we can learn from "Dog: the Bounty Hunter"

* Read my profile on Business Owners' Idea Cafe.

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7 Marketing Strategies we can learn from "Dog: the Bounty Hunter:

So, 'fess up--you have seen "Dog: The Bounty Hunter", right? When I saw the teasers for this show, I thought it would be a testosterone-laden, he-man, tough-guy growlfest. And while the show does get rather macho at times, it strikes a balance with family life, spirituality and comedy.

If you haven't seen "Dog" yet, you must watch it. Of course, the show is about catching the bad guys, which is always fun. But it is also a lesson in how to build a brand of one into a marketing machine.

Smart Marketing Works! was recently profiled on Business Owners' Idea Cafe. Click here to read the profile.

Free Advice from a Professional Marketer

I worked in sales & marketing for over 12 years, and rarely had much money in the budget for advertising. I learned how to market without newspaper ads, radio ads, billboards, and even (yikes!) the Yellow Pages. LOL! It's true, and saving the Yellow Pages money was even my idea. I was successful at marketing by being creative and finding more effective and affordable ways to increase revenues.

So many people make big, expensive mistakes in marketing their businesses. Advertising can be important and beneficial, but for many small business owners, it is a waste of money that can be better spent elsewhere. Every business is different, and marketing should reflect that.

Could you use some new ideas for building your business? During February, I am offering free coaching sessions. You will experience coaching for yourself--for free, and get a few new ideas at the same time. It might be just what your business needs. Email me for free marketing ideas and a free sample coaching session

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Coming soon: the next issue of Smart Marketing Works! will be out soon--with more free stuff and great ideas to help you market smarter!

Until then, Happy Valentine's Day!


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